MindQuake does not function without its exceptional staff!

MindQuake runs smoothly because of its volunteers. Without you, MindQuake could not happen.

Be a part of our Passion!

MindQuake cares about volunteer staff.Our coordinators will work with you to make sure your volunteer hours get scheduled around activities and classes you want to attend as much as possible. Volunteers who give at least 8 hours receive free registration.

What staff positions are available?

  • Programming – Classroom support (time, headcounts, request trash empties and water refills from hotel)
  • Marketing – Helping to promote the event on various platforms.
  • Hosting social events – Wanna host a social event (cards, games, themes)? Let us know and we can help!
  • Badgechecking– Helping to control conspaces by ensuring only authorized personnel come in.  
  • Event support – Help at the registration desk or one of the many other functions that helps to make it a great event.

Next Steps…

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