Accessibility Policy

MindQuake is dedicated to ensuring that all patrons are provided the best possible experience while attending the convention. 

Please make any accessibility needs known when you register for the event or contact us by email at

All aisles will be wide enough for wheelchair accessibility. 

All areas of the hotel are wheelchair accessible. 

Registered service animals are welcome with accompanying paperwork. 

Our program will remind attendees that they should not interfere with or touch a service animal without express permission from its owner. 

If anyone experiences an allergic reaction, please seek medical attention – contact MindQuake or Hotel staff in case of emergency. 

Please contact MindQuake staff if you have any food or other allergens that need to be addressed. 

Any foods for the hospitality suite should be labeled with ingredients for the safety of those with allergies.

ASL interpreters may be arranged if given enough notice. 

MindQuake attempts to address each patron’s needs; however, if there are concerns which are not covered or there are questions in advance of the event, we encourage you to contact us at or through the official MindQuake Discord Server.