What is MindQuake?

MindQuake is an educational event for people who are interested in recreational hypnosis (including erotic applications, BDSM, and other related activities). We offer classes on a broad range of topics including basic hypnosis fundamental concepts to advanced hypnosis techniques.  Some events over the weekend provide attendees an opportunity to use what they’ve learned in a safer environment for exploration.

What is the age minimum for MindQuake?

The age minimum is 18. Age-verifying identification is required to attend. Must be 21 to consume alcohol. Anyone providing alcohol to an underage person will be banned from the event without a refund.

Where is the venue?

We’ll be staying on the strip in Las Vegas. The hotel is accessible by public transportation/shuttle. The link to the hotel and our special deep discounted room rate will be sent after registration.

How much does MIndQuake cost?

$75 Early registration (until 7/31/21)

$90 Regular registration (8/1/21 – 9/30/21)

$110 Late registration (10/1/21 – 11/11/21)

How can I register?

Tickets are available through Eventbrite

I don’t consider myself kinky, but I’m interested in hypnosis. Is MindQuake a good fit for me?

Absolutely, most classes are hypnosis focused and there will be a lot of attendees like you! This is also a friendly no pressure environment for you to learn. The erotic hypnosis community consists of people who enjoy hypnosis as an interest, people who use it to enhance their personal lives, and people who use it as part of their kink interests.  There is NO PRESSURE to do or participate in anything.

I do not have any experience with hypnosis but want to experience and learn more. Is MindQuake right for me?

Yes! With so many classes and activities going on you would be hard pressed to not walk away with a bag full of new and positive experiences. There is an entire beginner’s track for you to get foundation information and you can still peek in on the niche and more advanced stuff. There are also ample opportunities to practice and a lot of folks who absolutely love mentoring. 

What you make of your time is up to you. 

I have no interest in becoming a hypnotist, but I want to be hypnotized or experience trance. Is MindQuake a good fit for me?

Yes! Hypnotees (people who want to be hypnotized) can volunteer for demos and participate in numerous activities. MindQuake has games and events that aim to provide occasions to be hypnotized. SOOOOO many classes are geared just towards subjects. 

What should I wear to MindQuake?

There is no dress code. You should wear whatever makes you comfortable. During the day that might be comfortable clothes, it might be more of a costume, it might be something special you only wear for events. Nudity is allowed in designated conference spaces ONLY.  The hotel outside the conference spaces is considered “vanilla space” and requires normal street clothes with all important areas covered.

Is sex and nudity allowed?

This is a sex positive event.  It is NOT, however, an orgy or sex party.  While many classes may feature or address adult material and full or partial nudity, this does not allow or in any way provide consent to touch or interact with any attendee, instructor, or demo-person.   

Do you allow vending?

Yes, Yes, and Yes!! Please visit our vendor page to apply!

I don’t have much money. Do you offer any discounts?

Yes! The easiest way to get a discount is to volunteer. MindQuake needs volunteers to run. Plus, its a great way to make friends. If you are interested in volunteering, head over to our volunteer page to find out more! Another way to get a discount is to apply for a scholarship for a free registration. These are limited and dependent on any donation monies that we receive

Can I get a refund?

Yes, see our Refund Policy in the Policy section. In short, if you need a refund, email us at info@mindquake.org and explain your circumstances that would require a refund. The decision will depend on when the request is submitted and the circumstances of the request.

Does MindQuake serve food?

No.  That said, there will be a hospitality suite that may or may not have snacks and beverages.  Attendees should not depend on the hospitality suite to supplement actual meals. The hotel offers multiple eating options and there are others available within walking distance to the event.   

Our discord server has a lot of options for talking about where to get food and asking about food options too! 

Will there be alcohol?

MindQuake does not provide alcohol. While attendees may bring their own alcohol, we want to make it clear that NO persons under 21 can drink and if caught, the underage person and anyone providing them alcohol will both be banned from the event.  We will be checking ID and providing wristbands to 21+ folks so that people having room parties can serve alcohol responsibly.

Can MindQuake accommodate people with disabilities?

Yes. If you have any specific questions please send them to info@mindquake.org

Are there day passes?

No, we will not offer any day passes and you cannot purchase tickets at the door.

Where can I park?

The hotel has free self-parking available. 

What are the cell phone rules?

Cell phones ARE allowed but NO recording or picture taking is allowed in the conference spaces.  Additionally, tape will be provided to cover cellphone camera lenses. If you must take a call, please leave the classroom to do so.  All phones should be on vibrate or silent as to not disturb any class or event.  At all times, please be courteous to your neighbors.