MindQuake 2021

The 2021 MindQuake Hypnosis conference is a Hypnosis extravaganza featuring classes on all of the wonderful and mystifying applications of hypnosis.

This is an Adult event so please respect everyone’s choices and lifestyles as you want to be respected. 

Whether you use hypnosis to enhance your personal relationship, as its own fetish, or as a flavor to your lifestyle interests, MindQuake has what you need.  You do NOT have to be an experienced Hypnotist or Hypnotee to attend.

We offer classes, demos, and events for all skill levels.

Plus, it’s VEGAS!!!

There will be tons to do all day and all night.

MindQuake encourages diverse attendance and welcomes all ages, genders, dynamics and orientations as we all come together for our love of Hypnosis.

See you in Vegas!