Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What is the venue for this event?

    This is a 100% online event, which will use at least 10 Zoom rooms and a Discord server to make spaces for learning, socializing, and playing online.

  • Will classes be recorded?

    The presentation form has a box to check if the presenter would like to OPT IN to recording their presentation. Some presenters have already opted into this, so yes, there will be recorded presentations! We will warn the audience when a presentation is being recorded, so people can turn off their webcams if they want.

  • How much does it cost?

    Pricing info:
    $60 until 8/8/2020
    $80 until 10/1/2020
    $100 until the event starts
    Free for presenters and 8+ hour volunteers
    Scholarships available

  • How can I register?

  • I can’t afford the registration fee! Halp!

    We want you to be at the event, and do not want to exclude anyone due to inability to pay! Volunteers get in for free, as do presenters! If you are unable to volunteer or present, please ask for a scholarship. We want everyone who wants to be at the event to be able to attend, regardless of finances!

  • What is an unconference and how do I participate?

    While most of E-Quake is centered around pre-planned, scheduled events put into neat blocks and rows that make for a fun, accessible, easy con, not everything is based on that schedule! Unconference events are based on whatever the attendees of E-Quake want to make up at the time!
    Want to make up a class? Do it! Want to revisit a class or expand on something? Do it! Want to do crazy events over Zoom? Do It! It can happen at any time, for any number of people, even when it doesn’t otherwise fit in the schedule. It’s organized chaos over here!
    Check out the Unconference room on the e-quake discord to get started!

  • What social events will be going on at e-quake?

    We don’t know everything that is going to happen, because a lot of these are driven by what people want to organize, but so far we’re talking about:
    A lot of Speed Trance (with hypnotist/subject matchups)
    Speed Socialization (with groups of 2-4 without hypnotist/subject matchups)
    Hysterical Literature
    A dedicated Zoom room for hanging out whilst eating/cooking with mealtime events
    Similar interest meetup groups like Pet Play, (and whatever else people want to organize)
    Jackbox games
    Anything else you want to help make happen! :)

  • I am worried about showing my ID to be 18+ verified

    We understand, but we must keep minors out of the event. We will accept the verification from any server that follows similar ID-checking procedures (IE requests a photo of you holding your ID and a piece of paper with your discord handle and the date. It is fine to cover your address and license number.) We also will verify you if you have attended any of the in-person hypnosis conferences that check ID. We take your personal info very seriously and insist that you delete your verification photo as soon as we see it. We also understand that many of our attendees are trans/nonbinary (because we are too!) and that it is hard to show an ID that has the wrong gender or a photo of someone you no longer identify as.

  • Why aren’t you paying the presenters?

    The in-person MindQuake event had to be cancelled due to safety concerns, and the hotel/venue is holding the organizers responsible for approximately $20,000. This means that if about 300 people buy tickets for this event, they won’t be on the hook for a TON of money.

  • How do I volunteer?

    Use the volunteer signup form! It should give you an idea of some of the jobs we are looking for. You get free reg for 8+ hours of volunteer work.

  • How do I present?

    Use the presenter signup form! You get free admission for submitting one class!

  • How are presentations chosen?

    In an ideal world, we will have enough schedule slots for all of the presentations that are submitted. And, with the wonders of being able to make more Zoom rooms, we live in an ideal world! We reserve the right to not schedule a presentation that we think presents actively harmful information (IE classes that are against our philosophy that we only teach hypnosis between consenting adults, such as how to hypnotize people without them being aware of it.) If we have concerns about a presentation, we will talk to the presenter about it.

  • Are you really a 24 hour con? What does that mean?

    We are trying to offer classes that people all over the world can attend! We are hoping to get presentation submissions from all over so there will be programming available all the time! We also will have recorded classes that we will replay. This also means that we need volunteers from all over to keep things running!

  • Y’all talk about consent a lot? What can I do to improve my consent practices?

    One of our team wrote a nifty guide (! It’s a good place to start that summarizes community consensus on consent and negotiation.

  • What is UTC and why do we have to use it?

    We agree with you, time zones are SO confusing. Did you know that daylight savings time is starting during the conference for some, but not all countries? And that we have people planning to attend from at least 12 different timezones around the world? Fortunately, UTC exists and is the best option for standardized time because it is easiest to convert to your timezone! We will have links for all of our classes, as well.

  • How do you handle consent incidents at the event?

    We will have a consent team led by ~T~! The consent team will obtain details about any consent issues that happen, and will pass on info to the conference staff to make decisions about consequences.

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Of all the things here, that one [the dead man exhibit] is the only that's too much for me.

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Tomato, toe-mahto, AH-lyz-abeth, UH-lizabeth, same fricken thing.

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I'm not a brainwashed robot.



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We now have a room of hypno drug addicts!

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Were you hypnotized to be a marshmallow last year?

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That's a lot of blood!

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