This is exciting.

We are all very excited.

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Of all the things here, that one [the dead man exhibit] is the only that's too much for me.

Person of Interest2019

Tomato, toe-mahto, AH-lyz-abeth, UH-lizabeth, same fricken thing.

Lover Boy2019

Remember, that's not just broken glass, it's also a paddle.

She who Rules them All2019

When I heard Mind Quake was on Halloween, I had to come!

Eats Person2019


Husband Tobe2019

Think of it as a collar for your finger!

Happy Person2019

Erotic salmonella is probably not my kink!

Electrycal MQ2019

Sports team checking in, elevators acting wonky, yep.....NOW its a hypno con...

Kiss Face2019

My mother got me a Dyson vacuum cleaner for Christmas. I was so excited, I dry humped it. But not in front of my mom.

Fun Brain Shackles2019

I'm not a brainwashed robot.



Hypno Dealer2019

We now have a room of hypno drug addicts!

Graham Cracker2019

Were you hypnotized to be a marshmallow last year?

Dev Not Avampire2019

That's a lot of blood!

Early Admission Pricing ends 7/31/2020!

Dream a little dream for me...


Frequently Asked Questions

These are FAQ's that were written before covid-19. It is important to remember that we are doing everything in our power to make this a safe and kinky event, so some aspects may and will likely change or be modified depending on what happens in the months leading up to MindQuake.

  • What is MindQuake?

    MindQuake is a weekend long kinky hypnotic conference. MindQuake wishes to emulate a system of learning that includes both high level educational classes and presentations on both hypnosis and BDSM; hands on learning opportunities; ample time for play; events; and other extracurricular activities. MindQuake is a party in its heart.

  • What is the minimum age limit for MindQuake?

    MindQuake is an adult event. It is 18+.

  • Where is the MindQuake venue?

    In San Jose about 1 mile from the San Jose International Airport (SJC.) (Yes, there is a shuttle and it runs on a loop.) The exact location will be released to registered attendees.

  • How much does it cost?

    $100 Early General Admission 1/1/20 - 7/31/20
    $110 General Admission
    8/1/20 - 9/31/20
    $110 Late Admission 10/1/20 - 11/1/20
    $160 Support Level
    $75 Day Pass

  • How can I register?

  • What does "Dream! A MindQuake production" mean?

    MindQuake 2020 is about your dreams. That is very open to interpretation. Extremely open to interpretation. Let your imagination wander into the spaces your mind allows it to, and dream a little MindQuake dream. Bring those dreams with you to the Bay area in October and express them in your Party room, your presentations, your costumes, and in your play.

  • I don’t consider myself kinky, but I’m interested in hypnosis. Is this con a good fit for me?

    Short answer: yes! Longer answer: MindQuake takes a lot of pride in comfortably being a kinky con full of erotic hypnosis and an erotic hypnosis con full of kink. You can experience one without the other at MindQuake, or you can gently dip your toes into the other side if you like. The main focus at MindQuake is hypnosis and only one class slot a period is reserved for strictly BDSM content. It is easy to avoid if it is not your cup of tea, and the events are always varied and descriptions are posted.

  • I do not have any experience with hypnosis but want to experience and learn more. Is MindQuake right for me?

    Yes! With so many classes and activities going on around the clock you would be hard pressed to not walk away with a bag full of new and positive experiences. There are also ample opportunities to practice, and folks who absolutely love mentoring newbies. MindQuake works very hard to provide a safe space and ample chances for people to explore hypnosis, with classes and games and hands on opportunities built into events. What you make of your time is up to you.

  • I have no interest in becoming a hypnotist, but I want to be hypnotized or experience trance. Is MindQuake a good fit for me?

    Yes! Subjects can volunteer for demos, and participate in class activities. MindQuake has games and events that aim to provide occasions to find trance, should one go looking. SOOOOO many classes are geared just towards subjects.

  • What should I wear to MindQuake?

    There is no dress code. You should wear whatever makes you comfortable. During the day that might be comfortable clothes, it might be more of a costume, it might be something special you only wear for events. Dungeon attire might be appropriate, for say, the dungeon. Nudity is allowed. The hotel outside the conference spaces is vanilla space, including the elevators, and requires clothes one would wear in vanilla environs. Nudity is allowed in conference spaces and on the party floor areas and signage will posted. If there are any specific questions regarding dress- please contact and we are happy to talk with you.

  • Is sex and nudity allowed?

    Yes, in conference spaces. This is a sex positive event. Always put a towel down between naked parts and surfaces.

  • Do you allow vending?

    Yes, Yes, and Yes!! Please contact us at and put vending in the subject headline to get started.r

  • I don’t have much money. Do you offer any discounts?

    Yes! A very limited amount! MindQuake is not for profit, we don't have a ton of overage to give away. The easiest way to get a discount is to volunteer as staff. MindQuake treats it's staff pretty well and it's a great way to make friends besides. If you are interested head over to our volunteer page to find out more!

    Another way to get a discount is to apply for a scholarship. Those are pretty limited, in 2018 and 2019 we gave away over $2000 in scholarships for folks who just simply applied and asked. That was due to our very generous benefactors, and I hope we can be as lucky this year.

  • Does MindQuake serve food?

    Short answer: No. Longer answer: kinda. MindQuake has a hospitality room that will provide snacks and beverages. The hotel has a breakfast buffet that they are offering a discount on for guests in the MindQuake reservation block.

  • Will there be alcohol?

    MindQuake will not be serving alcohol. We will be checking ID and providing wristbands to 21+ folks so that people having room parties can serve alcohol responsibly.

  • Can MindQuake accommodate people with disabilities?

    Yes. All areas of the venue are wheelchair accessible. If you have any other accommodation needs please contact Alizabeth at and she will be happy to assist you.

  • Are there day passes?

    Yes! Day passes will be $75 and will be made available in October of 2020.

  • Where can I park?

    The hotel has paid discounted parking. Please do not bring a car if you do not have to.

  • Public transit options to the venue?

    The hotel is located 1 mile from the San Jose Airport. It is accessible from caltrans as well.

  • What are the cell phone rules?

    Just like in a movie theater, please silence all cell phones. If you must take a call, please leave the room to do so. At all times, please be courteous to your neighbors and to the presenters.

  • What are the rules about photos?

    Photos are allowed at MindQuake provided that everyone in the photo is consenting. Be extra cautious when taking pictures in public that you are including only people who are consenting and everyone around you is aware of what you are doing. Post pictures publicly only in which everyone is consenting. Anyone caught violating this rule will be permanently banned from MindQuake and will ruin the photo rule for everyone and we will name the photo ban rule after you. DON'T BE THAT PERSON.