2019 Presenters

MindQuake 2019

Meet our 2019 Presenters

Confirmed presenters will be added as they are accepted. A schedule of classes will be made after the deadline of August 07, 2019.




My name is Phil and I love hypnotizing the brains out of my Slave, Alizabeth. Did I mention she’s beautiful, intelligent and completely under my control? I’ve been into hypnosis for over 30 years and currently spend my time presenting and teaching in the San Francisco where I lead the SF Erotic Hypnosis Club and am the Co-Chair of the MindQuake Erotic Hypnosis Conference with my slutty Hypnotoy, Alizabeth. Also, I gave my slave, Alizabeth, enthusiastic blanket consent to write my bio for me.


Baron Voltage


EnScenic, aka Noelle, fell into the erotic hypnosis community in 2012 while researching hypnosis for a story and found that she liked it too much to leave. She has presented at every major hypnocon, and likes to focus on empowering subjects, as well as incorporating music in various forms into hypnotic play. (She also still writes stuff.)



Velvetine_Rabbit has been seducing minds for around 14 years and is a part-time Goddess, full-time slave. Her goal is to use her wicked words and wiles to inspire others. Professionally, Velvetine is a social worker with training in hypnotherapy and has led many workshops and events on the beautiful island of New Zealand, such as TNG, Kinky Kamp, Consent thinktank, EnTrance Me, and BDSM 101 & 102.


MrTaqtiks is a certified hypnotist and experienced instructor known for his hypnosis and interrogation classes. He has presented at multiple events including Charmed, MindQuake, BlackBEAT, Black Atlanta Munch, Weekend Reunion, TES, Black Rose, Tawse Manor (New Zealand) and many others. As a member of the kink community he works to promote positive consent, risk aware practices, inclusivity, and community development.


Alizabeth (GirlFurniture) lives in San Francisco where she leads the SF Erotic Hypnosis Club and is Senior Lead of MindQuake, with her sexy Master, SFHypno. She is a pansexual; submissive; masochistic; self-esteem assured; confident; happily self-reliant; lover of a semicolon and the run-on sentence; and does not take herself too seriously. Alizabeth is a subject with almost 20 years of erotic hypnosis and BDSM experience specializing in memory play, and also an NGH Certified Professional Hypnotist and is certified in NLP as well. Her interests and skillsets are memory play, edge play, transformation play, doll play, pet play, persisting personas, objectification, and making her Master the happiest man on earth.



Señior Jamie

Señor Jaime had his first deliberate hypnotic experience in 3rd grade and was subsequently inspired by erotic hypnosis memes from 1970s and 80s popular culture. He is a licensed mental health professional and holds multiple advanced certifications in assorted social constructionist disciplines and epistemologies including NLP, hypnosis, provocative change, and metaphor work. For over ten years as a therapist, coach, and consultant, he has used hypnosis to assist people in getting lots more of what they want. For more than ten years he has presented internationally on hypnosis, rope bondage, and other kink-related topics. In Austin, Texas, Jaime owns and runs the local event space The WhatKnot, hosts a monthly erotic hypnosis meeting, Texas Trancegressives, and presides over the Masters and slaves Together (MAsT) chapter for the Austin area with his slave, Dr. V. He continues to develop The GET SPoT: Generative Erotic Trance for Sex-Postitive Transformation, a cooperative approach to erotic hypnosis and trance. Raised on health food and German dungeon porn, Dr V is an unrepentant dreamer from the City of No Illusions. An aspiring genie with a spotless, tilted halo, an ever-growing bootblack kit, and a dirty mind, she has been in and out of the kinky lifestyle for 30 years. After adventures in New York, England, and Florida, Dr V has found her place as a leader and active participant in the central Texas community and as Senor Jaime’s slave. Through her relationship with Senor Jaime, V continues to explore assorted delicious kinky and culinary delights.

Dr V

Professionally, Dr. V is an educator and nurse specializing in mental health/illness for more than 30 years; she recently completed a PhD and teaches at a local college. V assists Senor Jaime with running The WhatKnot and MAsT Austin, is a proud member of Bound by Desire, the Sankofa Leather Tribe, is a co-producer of the HEaRT of TX conference, and serves as the education director for Team Friendly Austin. Dr. V has developed and presented programs on communication, wellness, conflict resolution, stress management, bootblacking, and service with a slave heart. Dr. V lives in Austin, Texas and is involved with and passionate about the LGBTQ+ and alternative communities as an advocate and educator.