Call for Presenters 2019!

MindQuake 2019

2019 Call for MindQuake Presenters

Present for MindQuake!

MindQuakes presentations are top-notch because our presenters are second to none! Please submit your presentation here and join the 2019 MindQuake program of amazing classes. Apply to present at MindQuake 2019 today!


Commonly Asked Questions

When do I need to submit my application by?

August 31, 2019

Any info I should know?

There is a presentation / class limit of three (3) per presenter (not including co-presenters and demo-partners.) Please submit as many presentations / classes as you wish for MindQuake to consider. Please submit a new form for each class.

Can I let you know what classes I really want to present?

Feel free to let us know if you have a preference on what classes you want us to prioritize.

What do I need to submit this form?

This survey will require you to have any co-presenter, demo-partners info; and your scene and badge names; your presentation description; and the presentation summary.

Do you compensate presenters?

Presenters will receive free entry to MindQuake. Co-presenters and demo-partners will not be considered for the three (3) class maximum, it will be calculated by who is the primary presenter for the class, but co-presenters and demo-partners will be considered for compensation.

Submit your application today!