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Are you interested in presenting for MindQuake 2020?

E-Quake is all new with presenters from ALL OVER THE WORLD teaching classes as close to 24 hours a day as we can make it so everyone can get their hypnokink on! 

We want to put you on the schedule with your presentation, providing content everyone will enjoy!

Do you want to go further and contribute your unique skills and knowledge to the event (and get in free!?) Do you want to present? Do you have a cool idea for something that you want to make happen? We've got surveys for that!

*Our goal is to have as many great presentations as possible. Please only submit presentations that you would love to present, because if you submit X number of presentations, we will likely schedule all of them. If you want to present a lot, submit a lot. If you want to do only one class, we like YOU to choose your favorite. If you are a new presenter, we want to help you get started! Please ask for feedback and advice! We'll even happily be a test audience for you.

Please fill out this Presenter Form!

Presenters are compensated with free registration!