MindQuake Consent Policy 2019

  1. Consent - All activity must be consensual while at the MindQuake conference. This includes all areas you may be in while attending. 
  2. MindQuake conference space is considered a high consent space. There are no “neutral” body parts at MindQuake. All body parts are considered off limits until negotiated for touch. Do not touch others without their overt consent. If unsure, clearly reaffirm that consent has been granted. Do not assume that others want to be hugged or are okay with casual touching on the shoulder or hands in ways that are generally considered appropriate outside of a high consent kinky BDSM area. Any body contact could be misconstrued as unwanted sexual advances, hypnotic triggers, or otherwise inappropriate, despite intentions. AGAIN, DO NOT TOUCH ANYONE WITHOUT THEIR OVERT CONSENT. IF UNSURE, CLEARLY REAFFIRM THAT CONSENT HAS BEEN GRANTED. Incidental touching such as moving by someone or standing near someone in an elevator is not considered a consent violation under normal conditions.
  3. Consent may be revoked or modified at any time, by anyone, even during a scene. Having previously given consent does not mean an individual continues to consent if they then say no or safeword. Prior consent between partners is acceptable, but the burden is on established partners to inform others that they have prior consent, this includes consensual non-consent related consent.
  4. Intoxication - Intoxicated folx can not consent. It is against MindQuake rules to be intoxicated in conference space, and it is against MindQuake Consent policy to practice hypnosis with someone who is intoxicated. Intoxication is not limited to substances, but is subject to a case by case basis as determined by MindQuake staff. If you appear to be too intoxicated (by alcohol, cannabis, fractionation, drugs unknown) to consent, MindQuake staff will ask you to retreat to your room until you are able to consent. This will be done for your and others safety, and failure to comply will result in expulsion from the conference without a refund.
  5. Do not "negotiate up" while in trance. "Negotiating up" is when you change your negotiated limits to be less restrictive.
  6. Consent incidents are not limited to rape. If you feel you need to talk to someone, Consent Team members are available for immediate assistance to help you. 
  7. To speak with a Consent Team member: Any staff member will assist you in locating a Consent Team member, you can start at the registration desk on the second floor. All Consent Team members will be wearing a bright green lanyard.
  8. The role of the Consent team is to ensure that everyone involved in a possible consent incident is heard, understood, and supported, and to gather information from the people involved in the incident. The Consent Team will submit a report to the MindQuake Senior Staff after everyone involved has been heard, and they will then make a decision as to what actions, if any, to take.
  9. Making a report after the con: If you need to make a report after the conference for any reason please contact MindQuake Senior Staff https://mindquake.org/839-2/