What is MindQuake?
MindQuake is an educational event for people who are interested in erotic hypnosis, BDSM, and related activities. We offer classes on a broad range of topics including basic to advanced hypnosis techniques, erotic uses of hypnosis, using hypnosis as part of BDSM play, and more. Play parties give attendees an opportunity to use what they’ve learned, and we provide a dungeon environment for BDSM play as well.

What is the age minimum for MindQuake?
The age minimum is 18.

Where was the venue in 2018?
We were located at the San Francisco / Bay Bridge Hilton Garden Inn. The lovely venue is in Emeryville, right across the bay from San Francisco. The views of the bay and the San Francisco skyline from our entire private 14th-floor meeting space are phenomenal, as are the ones from our private guest floors. The hotel has all the amenities of a large business hotel and a 24/7 front desk.

How much did it cost?
MindQuake costs $100 if you register before 9/17/2018
$110 for Regular Registration after that date
$150 for Benefactor Registration

How can I register?
Since the event is over, you can not register at this time. Stay tuned for future registration information.

I don’t consider myself kinky, but I’m interested in hypnosis. Was this con a good fit for me?
Yes, we had many classes that are hypnosis only, and there were other attendees like you! This was also be a friendly no pressure environment for you to learn more about kink and kinky people. Come see us next time!

I do not have any experience with hypnosis but want to experience and learn more. Was MindQuake right for me?
Yes! With so many classes and activities going on around the clock you would be hard pressed to not walk away with a bag full of new and positive experiences. There were also be ample opportunities to practice, and folks who absolutely love mentoring newbies.

I have no interest in becoming a hypnotist, but I want to be hypnotized or experience trance. Is MindQuake a good fit for me?
Yes! Subjects can volunteer for demos, and participate in class activities.

What should I wear to MindQuake?
There is no dress code. You should wear whatever makes you comfortable. During the day that might be comfortable clothes, it might be more of a costume, it might be something special you only wear for events. Dungeon attire might be appropriate, for say, the dungeon. Nudity is allowed. The hotel outside the conference spaces (14th and 12th floor – there is no 13th floor) is vanilla space, including the elevators.

Will there be nudity or sex at the con?
Yes. Nudity and sex are allowed in conference spaces.

Do you allow vending?
We welcome vendors and invite you to contact us directly to set up vending. We will have a space and time available but no volunteers will be provided.

I don’t have much money. Do you offer any discounts?
We offer reduced or free admission for some volunteers. In some cases, we even offer free room space at the hotel. You can learn more on our Volunteers page. We also have a limited number of scholarships available. You can apply for a scholarship on our Scholarship page (which is still being built).

Can I get a discount?
Discounted or comped admission is available to volunteers who work a certain number of hours. Please visit those pages on our website for more info on details and deadlines. IF you’re interested in earning a discounted registration by volunteering, please email mqvolunteer@gmail.com.

Can I get a refund?
No. If you for any reason need to cancel your attendance please contact us, we will see what we can do, but as a general rule refunds are not permissible.

Does MindQuake serve food?
MindQuake has a hospitality room that will provide snacks and beverages. The hotel has a breakfast buffet that they are offering a discount on, and there are several local options available for food options and your hosts will be happy to make recommendations.

Can MindQuake accommodate people with disabilities?
Yes. If you have any specific questions please send them to submit@mindquake.org.

Are there day passes?
Yes! There will be an announcement concerning the exact nature and details of the day passes closer to the event.

Can you tell me about the play parties?
Absolutely! We will have play parties happening on the 14th and 12th floor of the hotel (there is no 13th floor) in the evening hours. All manner of hypnosis and BDSM play will be allowed, including sex.

Where can I park?
The hotel has paid parking.

Public transit options to the venue?
From either Oakland or San Francisco airport take a BART train to the MacArthur Station and call the hotel for a shuttle. For more information about BART, please go to https://www.bart.gov/schedules/bystation.