MindQuake Presenters List

MindQuake is excited to announce this list of outstanding presenters for our inaugural conference:

Alianne Cimorene
AlianneCimorene is a switchy sadomasochist who jumped head-first into the kink scene four years ago and never left. In her personal life she enjoys science, various arts and crafts, fanfiction, collecting sex/kink toys, and discussing safe and ethical practices inside and outside the scene. She runs mostly on pure caffeine and sugar. She has been described as “too cute to be evil,” which we all *totally* believe  – probably.

Alizabeth (GirlFurniture) lives in San Francisco where she leads the SF Erotic Hypnosis Club and is the Chairperson of MindQuake; the hypnokink con, with her sexy Master, SFHypno. She is a pansexual; submissive; masochistic; self-esteem-assured; confident; happily self-reliant; lover of a semicolon and the run-on sentence; and does not take herself too seriously. Alizabeth is a subject with almost 20 years of erotic hypnosis and BDSM experience specializing in memory play. Above all, Alizabeth wants to help people get together and do kinky things with hypnosis.

Ariadne is MindQuake’s Didactic Programming Director. She has been part of the hypnosis and wider kink community for five years, during which time she has organized a number of munches and smaller events and presented on topics such as Hypnosis, CNC, and Body Horror. She and her numerous writings can be found on fetlife as @Ariadne. Her particular fascinations are pocket watches, non-euclidean geometry, and the twisted things hiding in the depths of the human consciousness.

Ashcatred has been in the erotic hypnosis scene on the East Coast for four years. Her main love is in giving and receiving pleasure in all forms! Mental and physical. She is very excited to experience the West Coast!!

Baron Voltage
Baron Voltage is an East Coast Hypnotist who’s resume of skill sets reads like the Sears catalog of the most Sadistic and sensual of hypnotic language. He has presented at every East Coast event available and looks forward to teaching nationwide and beyond.

Blake (Blak3)
After a lifelong fascination with mind-control and hypnosis, Blak3 (Blake) recently discovered the national community in NEEHU 9. Since then, he has focused on building his hypnosis acumen and more recently became involved in the creation of a local scene in the Metro-Detroit Area. Blak3 is a Wiseguy-trained Hypnotist with a special interest in the study of confusion inductions and suggestibility on auditory-digital subjects such as himself.

Carneggy has been hypnotizing folks for a variety of recreational purposes for over 25 years, after a friend said “hey, let me show you guys this neat thing I learned!” He’s been active in a long succession of hypnosis chat rooms, occasionally teaching individuals and classes at various events ever since. For those of you that talk to him online, he’s not actually a muppet – honest.

Crystal Spectra
Crystal is an experienced bimbo, stripper, and cam girl who has been hypnotized by more people than she can count. She was once at the center of a really hot orgy with rich swingers, a personal highlight. She’s very brainwashed.

Dancecode has been doing this hypnosisy thing for roughly four years now! He’s based in the Bay, and has taught several classes at Entranced.

Having started from a young age, Dracoso has been exploring recreational hypnosis for close to 12 years now. He enjoys learning about how the mind and the body work, and applies knowledge from anatomy, neurology, kinesiology, and the study of memory.

Ellie Copter
Ellie Copter’s lifelong fascination with altered states, dragged her down the rabbit hole of hypnokink just two years ago. Since then, she has become committed to ethical play, equity, and femme empowerment within the community. Additionally, she is turned on by power exchange, brainwashing, and watching people’s faces as they go into trance. Her blog, digitalswitchgamine.tumblr.com, is chock full of her adventures with hypnosis, gentle femdom, vintage hypno-aesthetic, .gifs of hypnotic inductions, and the insightful musings of her fellow hypnokinksters.

Hello, I’m EnScenic. I first became involved in hypno-kinkland in 2013, when I started doing research for a book which featured hypnosis. The book is still a work in progress. Most people in the community would recognize me more from presenting classes at hypno-cons or posting smut on the internet (which can primarily be found at: http://noellehastranceadventures.blogspot.com or for a more genuine look into the trash heap that my mind can be: http://enscenic.tumblr.com.)

I also bake cookies.

GleefulAbandon is a hypnofetishist, submissive, and queer (in multiple senses of the word). After over five amazing years in the Scene so far, she is constantly thrilled by the wonderful people and weird experiences (and vice versa) that she encounters. She is also an active volunteer for The Eulenspiegel Society.

Jason Mitchell / Mister Captain
Mister Captain has helped run the Sacramento Valley Erotic Hypnosis Group since its inception a year ago, providing Hypno 101 lessons and demos at dungeons and munches across the region. He brings 18+ years of experience in erotic hypnosis to MindQuake, as well as a certification in hypnotherapy.

Jimmy Green
JimmyGreen has been around the kink since the Yahoo groups days, but has only in recent years gotten deep into the scene. They enjoy nerdy, fun play equally as much as sexual. This beastly creature tends to wield a Mind Infinity Stone, Loki style, and loves to capture minds!

Kali DuBois
Kali DuBois is cyber sexological expert, hypnotist and behaviorist researcher. Kali DuBois is the founder of “Magdalene Tech,” “VR Sex Coach,” & “The Institute of Hypnosis & Sexuality.” She holds degrees in Sexuality and Human Development Psychology.

khatsha is your friendly neighborhood anachronistically over-dressed, French-accented, hypersomniac hypnotee and humiliation bottom. She enjoys play ranging from casual two-second trances on train platforms to intricately thought-out spiritual predator and raccoon scenes in hotel rooms. She is a member of BEHIVE, the Boston erotic hypnosis group. Most of all, she can’t wait to see you!

LeeAllure has been entrancing people with her silk-like voice for many years. She organizes NEST, the world’s largest and longest-running tickling convention, DeepMind DarkWood, a hypnosis retreat, and the London Hypnosis Workshops. She teaches hypnosis classes at various international BDSM events, and is the author of Hypnotic Amnesia, the Book You Remember on How to Forget, with D.J. Pynchon.


Master Entrancer
By day, he is a self-employed, mild-mannered software engineer. By night (or by appointment), he entrances all willing comers. Childhood explorations led to successful experiments in high school and BDSM at 19. Formal training in 2001 led to certification as a hypnosis instructor in 2004 and NLP instructor in 2005. Today, the Master Entrancer remains as passionate and eager and curious as he did during goes first experiments over 30 years ago.

Mazirian has been involved in hypnosis, online and in-person, for 30 years. Teaching and hypnosis are two of his main life-long passions, so why not both? He likes improvising new inductions based on bits of conversation or environmental cues. His favorite dimension of hypnosis is finding ways to utilize resistance.

Mephki is the co-founder of the New England Hypnosis Group, founder of the *EHU movement, founder and organizer of NEEHU, and supporter of the EH community in any way possible. Her passion is bringing people together who love hypnosis, and helping everyone find the knowledge and skills they need to get their hypnokink on. Hypnation.org is currently Mephki’s focus, since the Great Fetlife Deletion. In addition to hypnosis, Mephki enjoys board games, baking, and rope.

Michael (Lateo on fetlife) is an experienced hypnotist and organizer of a monthly Bay Area hypokink demo and play party.

MindTheBaron was (literally) fascinated as a child by hypnotic magicians performing levitation tricks, and movie vampires enthralling nightgowned victims. Eschewing heavy BDSM in favor of a focus on hypnofetishism, he spends most of his free time playing with his favorite sub, curating a Tumblr account full of his favorite #hypnospiral examples at mindthebaron.tumblr.com, and recording the occasional trancey audio.

Moon-Gazer is the founder and owner of Hypnosis New Jersey. Moon has loved the idea of mind control and hypnosis since they’ve been young. Pure reaction junkie, Moon uses a combination of creative sadistic scenarios along with sensual hypnotic techniques to create very hot BDSM scenes.

MrDream (David)
MrDream has practiced intimate hypnosis from all sides of the watch for many years, and has been teaching others to play with care, caution, consent and communication since 2010. He is an organizer and presenter of hypnokink classes and events, including the Deepmind Darkwood erotic hypnosis retreat as well as the TES Hypnokink Group. He is also the founder of the League of Ethical Evil Hypnotists. Muahahahaha.

Najalaise is maniacal but decent. Even before joining the organized BDSM community in 2005, Naj was exploring kink and introducing others to figging, play piercing, sounding, fisting, and other delightful pastimes. More recently, they have had the pleasure of presenting classes on hypnosis at events across the country. Naj co-founded Seattle’s Hypnokink Enthusiasts’ Group in 2012, and they have been working to build community, fuel curiosity, and offer in-depth hypnokink education ever since.

Pinky is a sadomasochistic, quirky, poly, queer kinkster who has been involved with BDSM (publicly and privately) for more than 15 years. Pinky brings her comprehension and experience from both sides of the flogger to her ever-growing knowledge of erotic hypnosis. She has presented at various conferences including Charmed!, NEEHU, and TES Fest. If you’re ever looking for Pinky, just follow the trail of bubbles!

Professor-X is a San Francisco local and leader of the SF Hypnosis Collective. She has been running the San Francisco Erotic Hypnotism Peershare for four years. She got her start hypnotizing students in 2010 and has been an active member of the San Francisco BDSM scene since 2013. Besides hypnosis, she’s into power dynamics through bondage, orgasm control, sadism, and humiliation.

My name is Phil and I love hypnotizing the brains out of my Slave, Alizabeth. Did I mention she’s beautiful, intelligent and completely under my control? I’ve been into hypnosis for over 30 years and currently spend my time presenting and teaching in the SF Bay Area where I lead the SF Erotic Hypnosis Club and am the Co-Chair of the MindQuake Erotic Hypnosis Conference with my sexy Hypnotoy, Alizabeth. Also, I gave my slave, Alizabeth, enthusiastic blanket consent to write my bio for me.

Shaun Geer
Shaun loves the study of people and understanding the ways in which we all can exist in the world.

You may hear, “Hi, I’m Sweet!” sometime during the convention. If so, you’ve just run across a wild Sweet, a purple haired, blue eyed, sultry voiced GentleHypnoDomme. Sweet, also known as SweetTist on Tumblr, comes from a BDSM background, and is a new(ish) face in the Hypnosis community. With her obsessive personality (in every sense of the phrase), once she discovered how hot and fun hypnosis was, she dove in head first, learning as much as she could in a relatively short period of time.

Tuli is singlehandedly building an enthusiastic erotic hypnosis community in Finland, with some five years of experience doing erotic hypnosis. Main interests include community building, kinesthetic inductions, mindfuckery, memory play, and teaching and coaching people. Aphantasiac.

Velvetine has been enchanting minds for over a decade, filling silences with sultry sensuality. Her passion for sharing ideas about hypnosis led her to begin teaching erotic hypnosis in New Zealand after gaining a qualification in hypnotherapy. Velvet subscribes to the Maori concept of “ako,” which is about teaching and learning being an exchange; one learns as one teaches, and vice versa. Her classes encourage the asking of questions, contribution of ideas and the birth of curiousity.

The unofficial dean of erotic hypnosis education, Mark Wiseman (Wiseguy) has been writing about, teaching about, and practicing erotic hypnosis for almost 20 years. He is also the author of Mind Play: A Guide to Erotic Hypnosis and The Mind Play Study Guide, which have introduced thousands of people to the world of safe, ethical, responsible, sexy hypnosis play.

Zany Danger
Zany Danger is a top-leaning switch, polyamorous genderqueer sadomasochist, a mischievous alpha geek and a reaction junkie. Zany Danger has taught classes at several regional and national events on BDSM, rope, hypnokink, communication, and bodywork (among other topics.) They encourage people to follow their passions. They are available for private sessions and blog at zanythoughts.tumblr.com. They seemed so sweet and innocent, until I got to know them.