So You Want to Volunteer for MindQuake?

MindQuake 2019


MindQuake does not function without its exceptional staff!

MindQuake is a hypno kink con in the San Francisco Bay Area expecting about 175-200 people in 2019. We have a fully stocked dungeon; a 24/7 hospitality suite with food and snacks for our guests; classes from 10am - 6pm; and several events throughout the day and into the night – all facilitated by staff volunteers.

Be a part of our Passion!

MindQuake cares about staff. You are some of the most important people at the con, because without you, MindQuake can not happen. Our coordinators will work with you to make sure your volunteer hours get scheduled around activities and classes you do not want to miss (within reason). Any MindQuake staff volunteering at least 4 hours will receive a discount code for $50 off registration. Staff volunteering more than 16 hours will receive a discount code for free registration to MindQuake and may stay in the Staff Suite (depending upon availability STAFF SUITE IS FULL AT THIS TIME). There is also a volunteer raffle on Sunday with amazing donations from our generous MindQuake denizens.

What staff positions are available?

Badge Checking - Listed first because it's so verrrrry important. You are stationed in front of the elevators and make sure that people who are not involved in the conference do not wander into our space. You also get to meet a lot of people!

Hospitality - You will be assigned to the hospitality suite, making sure the suite is clean and tidy, removing trash, and refreshing food items as needed. You will also be a greeter to the many folks who wander in, welcoming them to enjoy the room and refreshments. It's sometimes frightening to come into a room and make yourself at home, so you should be comfortable being a good host.

Dungeon Monitoring - Do you have DM experience? We need trained monitors! This is an evening position. Our dungeon is well equipped and is open until 2am. Bonus - there will be extra hours for staff who volunteer from 12am - 2am.

Dungeon Greeter - If you have a lot of dungeon experience and know all of the equipment but are not trained to be a dungeon monitor, volunteer to be a greeter! We need friendly and enthusiastic folks to be in the dungeon to provide tours and show interested guests how to use equipment. You must be very enthusiastic and comfortable in a dungeon environment.

Registration - Assist guests in checking in and receiving their badges and conference materials.

Con Floor Operations - Monitor the classrooms and pick up between classes. General assistance with con floor needs.

Set-up and Clean-up - Help set up and take down the dungeon and do the preparation and clean-up for events.

Next Steps...

Are you ready to enhance your MindQuake experience? Make new friends and see old ones? Save money? Do you want to find out all the dirty little behind the scenes secrets of MindQuake? Then volunteer to become staff today!!